Etch alpha-hydroxy, omega-carboxy terminated polystyrene with STS etchers.

Ying Chen mihuhou at
Thu Oct 23 18:48:37 PDT 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to submit a request to do oxygen plasma etching of polystyrene in one of our STS tools.

My contact information: 
Name: Ying Chen
Coral login: mihuhou
Phone number: (650) 725-0417 (office), (650) 213-6979 (cell)
Email address: mihuhou at
My PI: Yoshio Nishi 

The chemical or material: 
Common name: alpha-hydroxy, omega-carboxy terminated polystyrene
Tradename: N/A
CAS numbers: N/A
MSDS: Please see the attachment.
Storage Group Identifier: G (No special precautions indicated. Store at room temperature. )
Main Hazard Class: Health 0; Flammability: 1; Reactivity: 0

Vendor/manufacturer info: 
Manufacturer name: Polymer Source Inc.
Address: 124 Avro Street, Dorval (Montreal), QC, H9P 2X8, Canada 
For information, call: 1-866-422-9842, 514-421-5517
Emergency Number: 1-514-708-4114
Email: contact at

Reason for request: 
I want to make a porous PMGI template with vertical pores of aspect ratio of >10. The polystyrene I am requesting here serves as the sacrificial material in the etching mask.

Process Flow: (Note: Requests for organo silicon, PMGI and ITO envolved in this process will be each filed separately.)
(1) Outside of SNF: The substrate is a platinum, Ti, or indium doped tin oxide (ITO) coated Si wafer or glass sheet; (2) Outside of SNF: The PMGI is spin coated and cured onto the substrate; The block copolymer, containing organo-silicon and polystyrene, is spin coated and cured on top of the PMGI; (3) In SNF: Oxygen plasma etching is used to etch the polystyrene domains and the PMGI below these polystyrene domains; 

Amount and form:
Spherical polystyrene domain of 20nm diameter in a ~20nm thick di-block copolymer layer.

I won't store the PMGI coated samples in SNF.

Non hazardous.

Please Let me know if you need any more information!

Thank you!

Ying Chen
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