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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 28 14:58:27 PDT 2008

Hi SpecMat'ers --

Neil made this request several months ago and now his material is here.  
He is requesting that ALD deposited wafers be processed through litho, 
then metallica for gold liftoff, then through the RTAgaas.  I didn't 
really see a problem with the first two steps, but wasn't sure about the 
last.  As I understand it, the PbS is stable to fairly high temperatures 
(higher than what they plan to use.)  So, I would think it would be OK, 
but am not sure what the GaAs community thinks.  I do think, though, 
that we'll be getting a lot more requests like this from the solar groups...

What do you think?  Can we give Neil an answer today?

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