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Hi all --

Can this be done on rtagaas?


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Subject: 	Erbium chloride
Date: 	Thu, 11 Sep 2008 14:38:48 -0700
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Hi Mary –

Attached is an MSDS for erbium chloride hexahydrate, from which I will 
be making a solution in ethanol in my lab, and which I want to bring 
into SNF.  The melting point is 774 °C, and the vapour pressure is 17.4 
(Torr?), for the water component.  I would like to spin this on a Si 
wafer using the headway, then anneal it between 900 °C and 1250 °C using 
rtagaas, or equivalent, if possible.

Please let me know whether this is all you require, or whether a formal 
request must be sent to spec mat.


 – Aaron

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