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Joey Doll jcdoll at
Fri Sep 19 12:15:17 PDT 2008

Hi again -
I have been working with a vendor in San Jose to have aluminum nitride
deposited, and I would like to submit a new specmat request.

The vendor is

2363 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131, USA
+1(408) 526-2333

The aluminum nitride sputtering is performed in a system that is only used
to aluminum and titanium sputtering, normally for backend CMOS
interconnects. Sputtering is performed with an aluminum target with nitrogen
ambient at ~200C. This is in contrast with the system at Berkeley which is
also used for platinum.

My process flow would be as follows:

* start with a new DP SOI
* clean wafer @ SNF
* have titanium underlayer and aluminum nitride sputtered at Hionix (with an
additional RCA clean there)
* lithography on top of the aluminum nitride (on ASML)
* etch the aluminum nitride with phosphoric acid @ 120C on wbgeneral
* strip the photoresist
* lithography on top of the titanium
* etch the titanium using standard ti wet etch on wbmetal
* strip the photoresist
* blanket sputter aluminum on gryphon
* lithography on top of the aluminum
* etch with standard al etch on wbmetal (which doesn't attack the aluminum
nitride or titanium)
* strip the photoresist
* frontside lithography with spr220
* frontside STS etch on wafer to release front of cantilevers
* strip the photoresist
* backside lithography using spr220
* backside STS etch to release wafers
* oxide release on AMTEtcher
* strip the photoresist

The aluminum nitride would only be brought into the lab already deposited on
wafers, and the phosphoric acid would be drained down the AWN system once
returning to room temperature. Also, the aluminum nitride, aluminum and
titanium will be protected by photoresist while in STS and AMTEtcher. I have
been characterizing the films with XRD for the past month or so and am ready
to start fabricating working devices as soon as the material is approved.

Thanks for your consideration and please let me know if you have any

- Joey

On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 8:52 AM, Ed Myers <edmyers at> wrote:

> Joey,
> One of our weak areas is RF sputtering.  This is need for reactive
> deposition of insulating materials.  As a result, we can not support your
> request due to hardware limitations.  If you have any questions please let
> me know.
> Regards,
> Ed
> At 10:47 AM 1/19/2008, Joey Doll wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I'm considering a process which would use aluminum nitride as a
>> piezoelectric actuator layer. I wasn't able to find anything mentioned
>> about it on the SNF website and was wondering if there is a recipe /
>> it would be possible to sputter it on grypon or metallica? It is
>> sputtered up at Berkeley
>> ( and I was
>> hoping to use it instead of other materials like ZnO or PZT in order
>> to keep my wafer semi-clean. Please let me know what you think.
>> Thanks!
>> Joey
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