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Paul Rissman rissman at stanford.edu
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Hi All,

Please respond to Jeff's concern.


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>Subject: Impurity levels for "clean" status
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>Dear Paul,
>Gary Trott and I still have not come over to Stanford yet to use the 
>SNF, but I may finally have a need for it in the next couple of 
>months. I have a project in mind that would utilize polycrystalline 
>silicon wafers from a source other than standard wafers, and I would 
>like to use some of the silicon processing tools at SNF on them. 
>What are the maximum impurity levels that we need to make sure that 
>the wafers are below in order to put them in the "clean" tools? 
>Would we have to provide you with samples of the material to test, 
>or if we perform ICP-MS on them and show you the data would that be 
>enough to qualify them?
>Best Regards,
>Jeffrey S. King, Ph.D.
>Research Scientist
>Corning West Technology Center
>Corning Incorporated
>1891 Page Mill Road, Suite 100
>Palo Alto, CA 94304
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