processing of Ti foil in SNF?

Robert Huang roberth at
Mon Dec 14 11:31:49 PST 2009

SNF Specmat Committee:

I am interested in processing pieces of Ti foil in SNF on the following pieces of equipment:

1)      Wbgeneral for cleaning/rinsing

2)      Innotec for a metal deposition

3)      Tylan 4 (metal-contaminated) for an anneal

The sample size will be <2"x2" (that's currently the total sample size that I will have) and the thickness is 0.25mm (250nm/1mil) .  The source for the material will be Alfa Aesar, and it is 99.99+% purity.  Here is Alfa Aesar's website for this material, and I am attaching their MSDS.

Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration.  I am hoping this is straightforward and can be approved quickly given Ti is already a material commonly used throughout SNF, this material is 99.99+% pure Ti, and the tools that I plan to use are all in the Au-contaminated category.  If any questions, don't hesitate to contact me either by email or phone, roberth at<mailto:roberth at>, 408-854-0450.


Robert Huang
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