Bromine request from mwiemer

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Feb 20 16:12:46 PST 2009

Hi all --

I've spoken with Mike about his bromine request.  The OSHA PEL (TWA) is 
0.1 ppm - compare to that of Cl2, which is 0.5 ppm.  However, like most 
things, it can be managed safely (gee, I remember using it as an 
undergrad in organic synthesis lab.)  It's heavy, red gas, so you can 
see it coming. 

But I really don't want to see this in our cleanroom. 

However, Mike has worked with it and is familiar with safety 
precautions.  This is expected to be done only a few times at most as 
his company is building their lab now.

I would like to suggest that we allow Mike (and only Mike) to do this 
etch in one of the exhausted benches in the wafersaw room.  His solution 
is pretty dilute, so he can collect the waste as solvent waste.  He just 
needs to make sure that the bromine kept in the proper storage area, not 
at the bench.  I would also suggest that this be done only during 
working hours (so people will be nearby and he can access the storage 
area -- I don't think we should store this in the personal chemicals in 
the passthrough.)  And that he reserve the wafersaw (and maybe the cmp?) 
to make sure the area is clear.

Does anyone have objections to this?  If not, the first thing I think 
I'll do before informing Mike is to check on the air flows on those 


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