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Here is a request for use of the solvent bench.  It seems pretty 
innocuous, so I'm wondering why they feel there is a need for a wet 
bench.  My concern is in the solvents they plan on testing and if 
there is temperature involved.  I will follow up with these questions.


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>From: "Yonghao Xiu" <yxiu at sp-incorp.com>
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>Dear Mr. Ed Myers,
>Please take a look at the MSDS attached for the epoxy we are going to
>test. Please let me know how I can proceed if it is ok to do it in SNF.
>Best regards,
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>Yonghao Xiu,
>This request is a little generic to fully understand what experiments
>you are planning and especially what materials you will be bring in
>to the facility.  We have both a general purpose solvent and acid
>benches for experiments your requesting.  We are familiar with many
>solvents, but we do look at the health hazards for every material
>which comes in to the facility.  If you chose to work at SNF, then we
>will need to know much more about your materials and experiments to
>make sure they can be done safely.
>SNF charges by the hours of equipment usage.  You can find the rates
>at http://snf.stanford.edu/Access/Fees.html.  If you do not have
>papers to prove you are under an SBIR, then your charge rate will be
>as an industrial lab member.  The cap charge for an industrial lab
>member is $7,128 for equipment usage times between 25 and 160
>hours.  If you use less than 25 hours in a month (the first day of
>the month to the last day of the month), your charges will be ~$285 per
>Ed Myers
>At 11:43 AM 2/20/2009, you wrote:
> >Dear Sir,
> >This is Yonghao from Spatial Photonics, Inc. I am currently looking
> >for a lab to test the solubility of epoxy in different solvents
> >(i.e., toluene, ethanol, methanol etc). Do you have spaces for such
> >experiments? If yes, what is the cost? If not, do you know any
> >place/person I can turn to for help?
> >Best regards,
> >
> >Yonghao Xiu
> >
> >-------------------------------------------------------
> >Spatial Photonics, Inc.
> >618 West California Ave.
> >Sunnyvale, CA 94086
> >Tel:  1-408-331-4364
> >Fax: 1-408-331-2199
> >-------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >
> >
> >
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