Qualifying a process plan

Jrhung Tsai jtsai at kumetrix.com
Wed Feb 25 10:39:19 PST 2009

Dear SpecMat officer:
     How are you? This is Jrhung Tsai from Kumetrix Inc. I am planning 
to do silicon fusion bonding at the lab. My process plan is as following:
    1. lithography on the silicon wafer at SNF
    2. DRIE with Alcatel 601 etcher at Kumetrix.
    3. silicon fusion bonding with annealing at thermoco furnace at SNF.
I was advised to talk with SpecMat officers about how to qualify the 
wafers I etch at our company etcher going back to SNF lab. Please advise 
me what I need to prepare for the qualification of doing my process plan 
with SNF lab. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kumetrix Inc.
Tel: 510-476-0950 x 750

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