use of cyclohexanol at snf

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Thu Jan 15 11:52:42 PST 2009

    1.  Your contact information: Junjun Wu; Coral login: junjun;  
phone: 408-759-1426.

    2. The chemical or material. Cyclohexanol; CAS # 108-93-0. Here is  
a link to the MSDS .

    3. Vendor/manufacturer info. Sigma-Aldrich; Phone: 800-325-3010;  
Customer Service, PO Box 14508, St. Louis, MO 63178, UNITED STATES

    4. Reason for request: to make 2% KOH + 5% cyclohexanol etching  

    5. Process Flow: 2%KOH and 5% cyclohexanol solution will be mixed  
and heated to 90C; Si wafers will etched for different times to find  
out the etch rate and surface quality.

    6. Amount and form. How much will you bring in? Is it solid,  
powder or liquid? (Note: as a general rule, powders are not permitted  
in the cleanroom.) Do you need to mix it to use it? 1L bottle will be  
brought. It is in liquid form. I need to mix it with KOH solution to  
use it.

    7. Storage: Will you be storing your chemical/material at SNF?  
Yes. It will be stored in the flammable cabinet.

    8. DIsposal: How will you dispose of any waste or excess chemical  
or material? It will be disposed with KOH in the general acid/base  
drain, unless otherwise required by SNF.


Junjun Wu
Twin Creeks Technologies
(cell) 408 - 759 -1426

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