use of cyclohexanol at snf

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Thu Jan 15 15:28:07 PST 2009

Hi all --

What do you think of this SpecMat request?  I'm following with a 
question about application notes (it looks like that's about the 
solubility limit of cyclohexanol in water -- don't know about heated 
KOH) and volumes (constant temperature bath?  beaker on a hot plate?)

Cyclohexanol is solvent and contact with oxidizers should be avoided -- 
however, given the low concentration, I think this would be OK to use at 
wbgeneral, with the following conditions:

1.  No one else may use the bench while this this process is being 
done.  Bench should be completely reserved, and then blocked off and a 
sign posted during processing.

2.  Immediately after pouring cyclohexanol, the bottle should be removed 
from the bench and returned to storage.

What do you all think?


Wu Junjun wrote:
>    1.  Your contact information: Junjun Wu; Coral login: junjun; 
> phone: 408-759-1426.
>    2. The chemical or material. Cyclohexanol; CAS # 108-93-0. Here is 
> a link to the MSDS .
>    3. Vendor/manufacturer info. Sigma-Aldrich; Phone: 
> 800-325-3010; Sigma-Aldrich
> Customer Service, PO Box 14508, St. Louis, MO 63178, UNITED STATES
>    4. Reason for request: to make 2% KOH + 5% cyclohexanol etching 
> solution.
>    5. Process Flow: 2%KOH and 5% cyclohexanol solution will be mixed 
> and heated to 90C; Si wafers will etched for different times to find 
> out the etch rate and surface quality.
>    6. Amount and form. How much will you bring in? Is it solid, powder 
> or liquid? (Note: as a general rule, powders are not permitted in the 
> cleanroom.) Do you need to mix it to use it? 1L bottle will be 
> brought. It is in liquid form. I need to mix it with KOH solution to 
> use it.
>    7. Storage: Will you be storing your chemical/material at SNF? Yes. 
> It will be stored in the flammable cabinet.
>    8. DIsposal: How will you dispose of any waste or excess chemical 
> or material? It will be disposed with KOH in the general acid/base 
> drain, unless otherwise required by SNF.
> Thanks,
> Junjun Wu
> Twin Creeks Technologies
> (cell) 408 - 759 -1426

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