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Hi all --

This is Junjun's response. 


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Hi Mary,

The % is from a note from a well established vendor. 5% cyclohexanol is 
the max. Probably I should try 1% as a start.

Thanks a lot for the good source for MSDS and the thoughts on the 
solubility issue. Let me know if there is any other information needed.


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Here it is Junjun.

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The Working Texture Bath is made up of 2% ? 4% KOH with an additive of 
0.01% ? 5% of either Ethy-hexanal or Cylohexenal, operating at 90C. The 
KOH is normally used from a 50% source.

The Working Cleaning Bath is 2% - 5% HCL + 2% - 5% HF at room 
temperature. The HCL is normally used from a 37% source and the HF is 
from a 50% source.

Best Regards,


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Mike, Steve --

One additional thing that we need, so that we can get the permits for 
running the texturing process, is the chemical makeup of the bath. 
Ideally we'd need chemical identities as well as concentration levels.



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We are in the process of preparing a drawing and quote for the texture 
system you requested, the final docs should be ready within the next few 

As far as the SiNx tool goes will check on the status at the beginning 
of next week and let you know.

Best Regards - Mike


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    Steve, I'm following up on the SiNx tool. Please let me know your
    thinking on the availability of the system.

    A second relatively high priority item is a configuration and
    quotation on the texturing system, based on the demo that we ran. I
    haven't received anything yet, and I hope we can move forward on
    that discussion quickly.



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