Ta etch solution

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 5 15:38:25 PST 2009

Thanks --

Please give us some more info:

1.  Where do you plan to use it?  Wbgeneral, I trust?
2.  How do you plan on getting rid of waste?  I trust you will be 
placing this and the first few rinses in the HF drain at wbgeneral?
3.  Where do you plan to store it?  I take it you know to contact a 
staff member about storing in the personal chemicals part of the 
4.  When will you be done with this chemical?  We would like to have an 
expiration date to remove any remaining chemical (so we don't accumulate 
old stuff.)

Please make sure to check with Uli before bringing the chemical into the 
lab.  She needs to be aware.



junjun wu wrote:
> Here is the MSDS for the chemical.
> Junjun
> On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 2:34 PM, junjun wu 
> <junjun at twincreekstechnologies.com 
> <mailto:junjun at twincreekstechnologies.com>> wrote:
>     Mary, Mahnaz,
>     I've ordered 1 quart of a Tantalum etch solution from Transene.
>     Based on the MSDS of it, it is simply composed of 10%HF, 30%HNO3
>     and 60%H2O, all of which already exist in SNF. Can I bring it into
>     the fab when I receive it? I will get the chemical label from you
>     if OK.
>     Thanks,
>     -- 
>     Junjun Wu
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> Junjun Wu
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> Fax: 408-986-9142

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