Iodic Acid

Mike Wiemer mwiemer at
Thu Mar 12 09:40:30 PDT 2009

Hi Specmat,

We would like to use Iodic Acid in SNF. This chemical is commonly used as an echant for III-V materials like InP. MSDS attached.

1.)    Iodic Acid comes in dry crystal form

2.)    One mixes the crystals with water to form the acid (0.2 M/Liter) in a glass, non-transparent bottle (Iodic acid should be kept from light)

3.)    We will mix the crystals & water to create the solution at the GaAs bench

4.)    At the GaAs bench, we will combine: HIO3 (0.2M/L) :  HCl  :  H2O  - 1:1:x where x goes from 1 to 100.

5.)    All work will be done at room temp

6.)    We will store the mixed solution in the personal chemical pass-through area, along with the dry crystals

What do you think?



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