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Hi all --

I got some clarification from Aleta.  She says this is GDMS analysis on 
the starting materials only, but that they can run the same analysis on 
their deposited MBE films,  if we agree this type of analysis provides 
sufficient confidence that a "good" result will qualify this as 
acceptable as "clean" material. 

So, should we go ahead and ask them to get GDMS done on their deposited 
film to qualify for clean processing at SNF?


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Hi Mary,
   We have had some GDMS analysis on our films and the results are 
attached to this e-mail.  I am sending this as an example, we will/can 
get another GDMS done if the data in this result looks okay to you.
I  will write up the Spec Mat request as soon as we know (and get) what 
kind of contamination analysis data will be acceptable for Spec Mat review.

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