spec mat request: SCT Pt in Wbmetal

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 9 15:43:47 PST 2009

The only concern I had was the oxide etch stopping on Pt in the AMAT etcher.

Nancy, what is the standing policy?


At 12:43 PM 11/9/2009, Mary Tang wrote:
>Hi Rostam --
>I realized that the wiki did not have the description of Semi-Clean 
>B materials and so just posted it:
>Sorry about that.   According to this, your process is perfectly 
>acceptable, provided your cleans are done in dedicated labware at 
>wbgeneral or wbgaas.
>What does everyone think about the proposal to clean these at wbmetal?
>Rostam Dinyari wrote:
>>I wanted to double check if I can do the following process. If some 
>>parts of it are not allowed or I can do them with some alteration 
>>please let me know.
>>- diff clean wafers
>>- lithography
>>- deposit Ti/Pt in SCT
>>- do a clean (ie semi-clean) lift off using clean beakers, etc
>>- wbmetal prx127 (If I should, I'll change the chemicals with fresh 
>>ones after using it)
>>- wbmetal prs1000 (If I should, I'll change the chemicals with 
>>fresh ones after using it)
>>- deposit 50nm LTO in tylanbpsg
>>- etch the oxide in AMTetcher and stop on Pt (If stopping on Pt is 
>>not OK, how about if I don't etch all the way to the Pt)
>>I know this is a short notice. I'd really appreciate it if you 
>>could let me know your decision in ~ 2 days.
>Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
>Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
>CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
>Stanford, CA  94305
>mtang at stanford.edu

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