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Wed Oct 14 12:21:46 PDT 2009


I'm planning a process that may involve the DuPont Teflon AF (amorphous fluropolymer).  I was told that the Teflon AF is an approved material in SNF, while no related solvent found approved on the website list.  Specifically, the perfluorinated solvent I'm searching for are the 3M Flourinert series, FC-72, FC-75, or FC-77, as suggests from the DuPont Teflon AF Processing and Use Guide [1].

The major purposes of requesting this solvent are to dilute and to remove Teflon films on standard Si wafers.  The equipments may involved in are wbsolvent and headway2.  Please inform me if these solvent are already approved or any applications need to be done.  Thanks for your help.

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[1]Dupont Teflon AF Processing and Use Guide

[2]FC-72 detail(with MSDS datasheet available there, CAS 86508-42-1)

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