HgTe/CdTe in Raith

Matthias Baenninger mbaennin at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 20 21:31:58 PDT 2010

Dear Special Materials Committee,


In addition to my inquiry about using the MRC etcher (see separate email),
I'd also like to check if I could use the Raith to do ebeam lithography on
HgTe/CdTe devices. The material is identical, i.e. Hg_0.3Cd_0.7Te/HgTe
heterostructures grown on a CdTe (Zn 4%) substrate. Spinning of the resist
and developing would be done externally,  so the device would be covered in
PMMA during the entire process done at SNF.


Many thanks,

Matthias Baenninger

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