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Hi all  --

More processing details.  The Cytop is a fluorinated polymer with good 
coating/adhesion properties (interesting, isn't it?)  The dispersing 
solvent is also a fluorinated polymer.  Shifeng proposes to spin coat 
this on the headway2.  Any concerns?


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Hi, Mary,

This is  what I am going to do with Cytop


1. Spin coat Cytop on the substrates and bake on the hotplates


2.  Surface actuation  in DryteK1 or Drytek2


3. Spin coating e-beam resist and pattern it


4.  metalization and lift off


5. O2 plasma dry etching in Drytek1 or DryteK2


I consider this process is a gold contanmiated process


if you have any questions, please let me know.




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