Hydrobromic Acid at Wetbench General

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 5 16:03:56 PDT 2010

Hi Jason --

More detail on your procedure would be appreciated.  HBr protocols are 
reviewed very carefully.

1.  How much HBr do you plan to bring in and store?
2.  Is this one time or will you be doing this often?
3.  Do you have a detailed procedure from a reference that you are 
using?  Are there other chemicals involved?
4.  Please be aware incompatibilities of HBr.  This includes metals (so, 
no metal tweezers) and strong oxidizers (which are allowed at 
wbgeneral.).  You would need to use special procedures for ensuring that 
no others use the bench while you are doing this work. 

Please send us this information.



J. Jason Lin wrote:
> Hi SpecMat Committee,
> I would like to use hydrobromic acid 48% (MSDS sheet is attached) at 
> the wbgeneral wetbench.
> My plan is to dip my wafers in HBr acid for a few minutes at room 
> temperature, then transfer them to the savannah ald.  I would be using 
> my own labware.  Also, my wafers/pieces will only have Si, Ge, and 
> SiO2 (no metals to react with the acid).
> Please let me know if you require more information to make a decision 
> on my specmat request.
> Thanks,
> Jason
> CORAL ID: jasonlin

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