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Mahnaz, Uli, All,

Yes, things definitely didn't go well, at least for 3 of the 4 materials that I was working with.  I'm attaching the details of the 4 different solutions, the concentrations of each, what temperatures I used, and the order that I tried them out.  The summary is that the first solution, the SiO2 solution, behaved fine on many wafers both at 30C and at 50C.  However, for the other 3 solutions, Aluminum oxide, Hf oxide, and Zr oxide, they all formed solids (the metal oxides themselves) after exposure to ambient after a few minutes.  I tried heating the Zr oxide solution as well as checked on a bare silicon wafer but neither of those helped.  So, as Mahnaz has pointed out, the experiment didn't go as expected (or as had been published in the original Palomares reference that I had submitted to the specmat committee when I made this request).

In retrospect, I understand the concern from the other users.  They didn't know what materials I was working with and what the solids were.  I think you all know that I consider safety to be the top priority, and in this case I got caught up in trying to figure out what was going wrong with my solutions.

I'll be trying to figure out exactly why this happened.  Certainly, in the meantime I concur with not running any more experiments with these materials in this manner.

If there are any further questions, let me know.

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Hi all,

So apparently things went wrong,  the solution that should not gone DRY
went DRY and left a mess on the bench. users complained and  Uli   cut
in the mist of it all...and you know how the story goes...
I talked to Robert and told him that I am withdrawing  our  permission
to use the chemical and we will talk about  the procedure next week.
He should be cleaning up the bench as i write the email.

he had  mixed the solution 10:1 and first try with first solution went
okay at 50c i think.
Robert just came out to talk to me, he has taken all the beakers and is
in his locker, i really like for the sake of specmat to capture the
ratios and how the experiment went.
So Robert i do appreciate if we can capture the details.


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