Alternative oxide etchant

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jan 14 10:12:36 PST 2010

Hi Erhan --

Not that I know of nor can find in my records.  But if you can provide 
an MSDS and let us know where you want to use this (wbgeneral, I 
presume?) we should be able to approve in short order, assuming that 
there are no unusual provisions required for handling or disposing of waste.


Erhan Ata wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> I was wondering whether any of the following chemicals was ever 
> qualified by SpecMat team.
> We found these etchants quite compelling for our processes, and if 
> they are qualified by SNF already would be nice to know that we can do 
> some quick tests with them. If not, probably alternate labs will be 
> quicker.
> ** SACHEM SelectEtch^(TM)SE-1100 series (SE-1100, 1120, 1130, 1140) **
> Happy new year.
> /Erhan Ata,
> Fortemedia, Inc./

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