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Tue Jul 13 17:39:53 PDT 2010

Dear staff,

I would like to use mercaptosuccinic acid(CAS:70-49-5) in my process. Basically I want to self-assemble a layer of thiols on the gold surface. The quality of the layer is not critical as the purpose is only to prevent polystyrene beads sticking to the gold surface. 
The assembly process is pretty much the last step of my whole process. The sample on which the self-assembly will be done is a 1cm x 1cm silicon wafer piece with thin gold film and nitride layer on it. 
The details of the assembly process is: dissolve the mercaptosuccinic acid powder into water to form 10ml-20ml solution. Sodium hydroxide may be added to neutralize it to some extent. The concentration is estimated to be 10^15 molecules/mL (or 10^-8 mol/mL). Then the sample is soaked in the solution for couple of minutes up to 8hrs. Besides, the whole reaction needs to be performed under stirring at~ 50°C.
The 98% mercaptosuccinic acid powder(weight:25g) is purchased from Alfa Aesar. Attached is the MSDS I scanned.

Can you give me suggestions on where and how I can perform the reactions?

Yuxin Zheng
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