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Tue Jul 27 14:12:46 PDT 2010

Hello spec mat,

       My boss  Andrew Clark, (  VP of Translucent Inc ) has a project that
needs to be completed by the end of August that wuold require processing
Silicon wafers with Gd oxide (Gadolinium Oxide) and possibly SiGe layers in
Tylan 6, the POCL diffusion furnace.   I'm including a brief Power Point
file from Andrew and also an MSDS sheet for Gadolinium Oxide.

    The process flow would involve fabricating wafers by growing a 500 -
1000Ang full film of Gadolinium Oxide on a bare/new 4 inch Silicon wafer and
then growing a 2um capping layer of  Silicon or Silicon Germaium on top of
the Gadolinium oxide.   The fabrication of these wafers would take place at
Translucent's facility in Palo Alto.   We would like to then put the wafers
in tylan 6,  the POCL furnace and use the POCL800A recipe for a 15 to 30 min
process.   We want to process 5 wafers in a single run.   Prior to putting
the wafers in the POCL furnace, we would need to do a diffusion clean.   We
should discuss what (and where) diffusion clean would be needed and
appropriate prior to the putting wafers in Tylan 6.   If it is not
appropriate to use SNF's WBDiff,  we have a diffusion cleaning bench here at
Translucent.   I would be willing to do the processing of these wafers at a
time when there is not a lot of activity in the lab, so that I could do a
decontamination on the diffusion clean bench after cleaning the wafers.
The diffusion clean process we are plannining would be SNF's standard
diffusion clean -   Sulfuric Acid/Hydrogen peroxide  & dump rinse followed
by an HCl/Hydrogen Peroxide & dump rinse followed by a 50:1 HF dip & dump
rinse + Spin Rinse Dry.

We have photomask orders pending your decision.  Please respond to us ASAP
or by the end of this week,  July 30th with questions, concerns or requests
for more information.  We would like to immediately start discussing how
this POCL doping run might be accomplished at SNF.

Much Thanks,

Aleta Jamora

Sr Process Engineer
Translucent Inc
952 Commercial Street
Palo Alto, CA 94303
cell 510 378 1602
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