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Mon Jun 21 10:42:24 PDT 2010

for unity (post-development), we would like to go into matrix, gasonics, and
drytek2 (O2 plasma/ashing systems for isotropic release etching).  the other
point of unity was to provide a polymer as a sacrificial for ALD deposition
- so it would go in the less clean chamber of the fiji.

i'm setting up a tracking protocol for precursors on the ald systems...the
wiki is the main information source to the users and i'm hoping coral will
track material usage sufficiently.  i'll present what i have when the next
new equipment meeting happens.


On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 9:57 AM, Mary Tang <mtang at> wrote:

> Hi J --
> Sorry about that, I guess I still haven't caught up on emails from
> vacation.
> 1.  Precursor materials are OK provided:  we maintain levels below
> threshold; the chemical is registered on the Stanford Chemicals database;
> the MSDS are on file both with SNF and Stanford.  Please let us know in
> advance when chemicals are ordered and what kind of storage may be required.
>  Let us know when they arrive and provide us with MSDS so this information
> can be entered in the Stanford chemicals database.  Depending on the
> changeout frequency, we may need to come up with a tracking system.
> 2.  The Unity polymer and developer 9000 are OK to use in the manual spin
> and develop stations, bake plates, and bake ovens other than singe and YES.
>  Let us know if you plan to use this elsewhere.  Also let us know how much
> you plan to order.  Storage space is a concern, so the less you can order,
> the better.
> We'll need yellow tags on these chemicals.  By the way, I was just talking
> with Jim McV.  We will need to post plans for bringing up the new processes.
>  We should identify processes/customers.  We should have estimated timelines
> and budgets for supplies (chemicals, gases, wafers).  (We [the new equipment
> group] should all give this some thought and meet up some time to make sure
> we all have the same agenda.)
> Mary
> J Provine wrote:
>> hello specmat,
>> i haven't heard anything about a couple of recent inquiries i've made:
>> 1) list of precursor materials for the fiji/savanah ald systems.  ted berg
>> said these were all good to go, but i wanted to check the status officially.
>> 2) sacrificial polymer Unity and its developer Developer 9000.
>> please let me know what the status of these requests are and if i can
>> provide any additional information.
>> j
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