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Hey Dan --

SpecMat at snf has got a filter, so the originating email has to come from 
"snf" or the email you have registered as your forwarding email for 
"snf" emails.  A lot of the lab @snf emails have variations on this 
filter, so you probably should talk with Maureen about getting your 
forward email set up for the one you use most.

Nanostrip is approved for the lab and we in fact thought of converting 
piranha at wbnonmetal over to this, but it's a lot slower than 
conventional piranha for stripping resist.  I have no idea what it does 
for polyimide, but my guess is that it would not be much more efficient, 
since I had thought it was just a constant boiling ternary azeotrope 
version of piranha.  But then maybe that magic ternary ingredient is key.

However, you should submit your SpecMat request and arrange for storage 
BEFORE you order.  That way David and Marie know where it should go when 
it arrives and how to contact you.

This should be used only at wbgeneral or wbgaas.  It should be aspirated 
to AWN (not poured down the drain). You will need a yellow label from 
Mahnaz.  This should be stored in the top shelf of the Chemicals 
Passthrough when it is in use.  When you are done with this, let us know 
and we can dispose of the remaining material.



Dan Grupp wrote:
> Hi Mary and Ed,
> I just emailed specmat at 
> <mailto:specmat at> and it bounced, so I thought i would 
> send it to both of you, hoping it reaches the right people.
> Much Thanks,
> Dan
> Begin forwarded message:
>> *From: *Dan Grupp <grupp at <mailto:grupp at>>
>> *Date: *March 2, 2010 2:25:52 PM PST
>> *To: *specmat at <mailto:specmat at>
>> *Subject: **Request for Nanostrip*
>> Hello,
>> I would like to use Nanostrip in the lab as soon as possible. A 
>> bottle was just delivered today to snf receiving. I am also wondering 
>> if it is ok there, or should be moved to a better storage location 
>> until specmat decides if it is ok in the lab.
>> Here is the description. THe MSDS is attached.
>> Best Regards,
>> Dan Grupp
>> c:650-704-9551
>>    1. * Your contact information: *  
>>          1. DAn grupp, 
>>          2. login grupp, 
>>          3. grupp at <mailto:grupp at>, 
>>          4. c:650-704-9551
>>          5. Procept Corp, 275 Shoreline Dr., Redwood City, CA 94065
>>    2. * The chemical or material.  *
>>          1. *Nanostrip *
>>          2. *Maker: Cyantek, <>*
>>          3. *Description: *"Piranha in a bottle". It is stabilized
>>             pirhana, with a shelf life of many months. It contains
>>             sulfuric acid, peroxymonosulfuric acid (also known as
>>             Caro's acid), and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.
>>             The action of the Caro's acid is similar to the peroxide,
>>             but the solution doesn't degrade. 
>>    3. *V endor/manufacturer info: *  Cyantek, 3055 Osgood Court,
>>       Fremont, CA 94538, 510-651-3341
>>    4. *Reason for request:* THis chemical is supposed to strip
>>       polyimide at room temperature. I haven't found any other
>>       solution. 
>>    5. * Process Flow: *  The Nanostrip will be used to remove
>>       polyimide from the end of a glass optical fiber. The polyimide
>>       is about 10 um thick. The diameter of the fiber is about 150
>>       um. We will remove up to 1" of polyimide.
>>          1. Fill beaker with Nanostrip
>>          2. Dip fiber into Nanostrip desired distance.
>>          3. Wait desired time (several minutes?).
>>          4. REmove fiber from Nanostrip.
>>          5. Rinse in water.
>>    6. *Amount and form. *1 gallon premixed.
>>    7. * Storage: The bottle would be stored at SNF. *
>>    8. * DIsposal * : The used Nanostrip should be free of heavy
>>       metals, as it is just removing a small amount of polyimide. It
>>       should be safe to dispose in the acid waste drain. 
> =
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>   1.

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