ProTEK PSB and Primer, polymeric KOH and TMAH mask.

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Sorry the email got sent before I was finished.

As for the developer, I'll make sure to get a copy of it and email it out as






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Hi Mary,


4761 is the primer msds

5869 is the photoresist msds


I look forward to hearing from hdonglee


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Hi Tracy --

A few questions and comments.

1.  It looks like there are two copies of the ProTEK PSB MSDS.  Could you
please send the MSDS for the primer?  Is it the same as the Protek B primer?
If so, that has been approved and there may be some extra floating around.

2.  Please use headway2 as I think this is a polyimide-based material and
polyimides are not typically soluble in acetone -- this would be a problem
at the laurell.  There are certain precautions to spinning polyimides at the
headway2 -- please contact James Conway to review them.

3.  I suspect you will also need developer for this material.  Please
provide an MSDS for the developer.

4.  This is fine to use on the contact aligners, but not the ASML (not that
you've requested this -- just a reminder.)

5.  If you're willing to share your non-confidential results, we'll gladly
support your request with a letter or whatever it takes to obtain
sample-sized quantities for evaluation.

6.  A post-doc researcher has just asked about this very same material.  He
will be getting in touch with you about coordinating evaluation efforts.
His coral ID is hdonglee.


Tracy Fung wrote: 

Attached are the MSDS for both the ProTEK PSB and Primer.  

Intended use at headway2 or laurel, as well as UV exposure using KarlSuss.
Also wbgeneral for use as a mask during KOH and TMAH etching. 


We have been unable to verify the claim that the ProTEK PSB is resistant to
strong alkaline etchant such as KOH and TMAH.  And they have been unwilling
to supply small quantities (grams) for this purposes.  The minimum $1200
purchase is for 250mL of Primer and 250mL of PSB.  I would like to ask if I
can CC an SNF representative in emails requesting sample gram sized
quantities for evaluation purposes.  Brewster sciences appears to be
interested in the use of their ProTEK PSB at the SNF and perhaps if had more
pressure would supply smaller/cheaper evaluation samples.


With a confirmation of KOH and TMAH resistance Silexos does plan to purchase
larger quantities. 



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