Request to use Nb(Niobium) and Sn(Tin) targets in Metalica

Jiquan Guo jqguo at
Tue Mar 30 10:41:30 PDT 2010

Contact name: Jiquan Guo (650)804-9662, jqguo at, coral name jqguo
PI: Sami Tantawi

Chemical to be used: Nb(Niobium) sputtering target, Sn(Tin) sputtering
Vendor info:

Reason for request: sputter Nb, Sn, Ti to form superconducting films on

Process flow: Clean Sapphire substrate at Wbgen, sputter 1 or 2 of Nb/Ti/Sn
in Metalica. 

Amount and form: one target(1" Dia and 0.125" thickness) for each material

Storage: Outside

Disposal: NA

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