Sol-gel process reguest

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Oct 4 14:54:39 PDT 2010

Hi Yu-Hung --

First, we would need MSDS forms for all these chemicals (the ones that 
are not normally stocked at SNF). 

Second, have you undergone chemical handling training in ChemE or 
Chemistry or Mat Sci labs on campus?  Your procedure has some practices 
that are not standard for SNF that we'd need to map out in more detail.

Third, Ed -- is crystallization in the RTA acceptable?


Yu-Hung Li wrote:
> User: liyuhung
> Materials: sol-gel precursors for BiScO3-PbTiO3, solvents and microemulsion solutions (please see the attached file)
> Process: microemulsion aided sol-gel process on Si wafer (detailed procedures are included in the attached file)
> Request: 
> 1. To use the spin-coater and the bench in the utility room (next to the stock room)
> 2. To use the RTA in the lab for final crystallization.

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