Copper Etching

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Sorry, I forgot transene had several copper etchants and I attached the
wrong MSDS. I've attached the correct one to this email; hopefully it's
still okay. If so, I will go ahead and order the etchant and will make sure
I take all necessary precautions for both labeling of the container and
waste once it comes in. Thanks.


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Hi Kaveh --

Thanks -- and sorry, I thought you were talking about a FeCl3-based etchant,
but this has only ammonium persulfate and water.  This should be fine for
use at wbgeneral.  When the material arrives, please store it in the
chemicals passthrough, in the personal chemicals area.  Make sure to get a
yellow label and barcode from Mahnaz.  If it is a small bottle, please place
inside a larger bottle carrier and label the outside of the bottle carrier
(this will discourage anyone from putting another small bottle of something
incompatible next to it.)  And because your waste contains heavy metals,
please collect used etchant and the first couple of rinsates in a compatible
container and label for hazardous waste disposal.  I'm not sure about
compatibility, so would recommend using a glass container for waste
collection just to be on the safe side.


Kaveh Milaninia wrote:
> I'd like to wet-etch some copper foils at wbgen. The copper etchant 
> will come pre-mixed from Transene. The MSDS is attached to this email. 
> Please let me know if you require any further information.
> Kaveh

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