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Hello Mahnaz,
The procedure that I have explained to you is all that we would be doing 
at SNF. We would also be doing chrome etching.
There are no other resources that we would be needing.
The procedure for coupling that I explained there would take 3 hours on 
the whole and does not require an inert atmosphere.
As I have explained in the procedure, we would need to use a 110degree 
Nitrogen Bake oven.
With regards to the size of the substrate, I assure you that we would be 
very particular about safety and would use the right vessels to carry 
out the process.

Thanks and regards,

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    I like to know if that is all you will be doing with regard to your
    procedure you have sent me.  I'm wondering what other resources you
      may require (pH probe, for example) and how long these procedures
    take (some coupling procedures take hours and require inert
    atmosphere, is this the case?
    Secondly, I do have to say that the size of your substrate is a concern.


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