Use of Mo, Cu2S, CdS, ZnS at the SNF

Artit Wangperawong artitw at
Mon Apr 18 11:13:23 PDT 2011

Dear SpecMat committee,

Please consider my request for using the following materials in the Intevac sputter system.  If there is more information that I may provide, please let me know.  Thank you.

1. Contact information:
Name: Artit Wangperawong
Coral login: artitw
phone number: 650-352-3739
email address: artitw at
PI: Stacey F. Bent

2. Materials:
Molybdenum - Mo
Copper sulfide - Cu2S
Cadmium sulfide - CdS, note that cadmium toxicity is very well known
Zinc sulfide - ZnS

3. Vendor/manufacturer info:
- Mo, Cu2S, CdS and ZnS are synthesized in Prof. Bent's lab located in building Stauffer III, room 208, Stanford University.

4. Reason for request:
These materials are common and necessary for thin-film solar cell research in general. My specific research project is to investigate the use of these materials. I can probably cope without ZnS and Cu2S, but Mo and CdS are crucial.

5. Process Flow:
These materials are not to be synthesized inside the SNF.  Rather, I just need to bring samples containing these materials into the sputter chamber to deposit tin oxide (SnO2) and ITO (indium-doped tin oxide) on top of them. The Intlvac sputter system is the ONLY tool that these materials will be present in.  Si/Mo/Cu2S/CdS/SnO2/ITO would be a typical stack used in thin-film solar cell devices.  Another variation is Si/Mo/SnS/CdS/SnO2/ITO

6. Amount and form:
How much will you bring in?  I would bring in up to 10 1"x1" samples at a time.
Is it solid, powder or liquid?  It is a solid.
Do you need to mix it to use it?  No, I do not need to mix it.

7. Storage:
Will you be storing your chemical/material at SNF?  No. After the ITO is deposited, I will leave the SNF with the materials.

8. Disposal: 
How will you dispose of any waste or excess chemical or material?  Within the SNF, there will be NO DISPOSAL of these materials. Within our own lab at Stauffer III, we abide by Stanford's Environmental Health and Safety guidelines.

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