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Hi Daesung --

This has already been approved for use at wbgeneral and wbgaas.  There 
are two labmembers who have gallon bottles in the lab.  Rather than 
order a new bottle, I would suggest getting in contact with them about 
possibly borrowing or sharing. The people who have this are Gavin Zhu 
(Coral ID = tzhu) and Kaveh Milaninia (kavehm).

Make sure to read the MSDS.  Used etchant and first rinses must be 
collected locally, in labeled waste containers.   Make sure to use 
non-plastic, non-metal containers/beakers (glass or teflon are OK)  for 
holding the etchant and the waste (it's nitric acid-based which will 
oxidize plastics and etch metals.)

If you are heating, make sure to review the station procedures for hot 
plate use.

If you anticipate using a lot of it, then you might want to order your 
own --   If you decide to get your own bottle, there are more procedures 
to follow (standard personal chemical protocols) -- let us know if you 
do so we can remind you.


On 8/25/2011 12:16 PM, Daesung Lee wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> I have a quick question. I have a need to use Nickel Etchant TFB in my process in SNF where nickel is used as a sacrificial layer. This etchant is shown to be a good etchant which does not etch most of materials that I want to protect: Oxide, Au, Cr
> Would you evaluate whether I can bring it with me to SNF? It would be really helpful for me to work with this etchant.
> Please see the attached MSDS and the link
> Thanks.
> Daesung

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