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Hi Mary,

Thanks for the information. It's good to hear that there are two labmembers using the etchant. I'll first contact them about possibly borrowing or sharing and get used to using the etchant with precautions and instructions. I anticipate to use the etchant frequently if it turns out to be a good etchant I can rely on. If so, when I order a new bottle, I'll contact you about procedures to follow (standard personal chemical protocols)


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Hi Daesung --

This has already been approved for use at wbgeneral and wbgaas.  There 
are two labmembers who have gallon bottles in the lab.  Rather than 
order a new bottle, I would suggest getting in contact with them about 
possibly borrowing or sharing. The people who have this are Gavin Zhu 
(Coral ID = tzhu) and Kaveh Milaninia (kavehm).

Make sure to read the MSDS.  Used etchant and first rinses must be 
collected locally, in labeled waste containers.   Make sure to use 
non-plastic, non-metal containers/beakers (glass or teflon are OK)  for 
holding the etchant and the waste (it's nitric acid-based which will 
oxidize plastics and etch metals.)

If you are heating, make sure to review the station procedures for hot 
plate use.

If you anticipate using a lot of it, then you might want to order your 
own --   If you decide to get your own bottle, there are more procedures 
to follow (standard personal chemical protocols) -- let us know if you 
do so we can remind you.


On 8/25/2011 12:16 PM, Daesung Lee wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> I have a quick question. I have a need to use Nickel Etchant TFB in my process in SNF where nickel is used as a sacrificial layer. This etchant is shown to be a good etchant which does not etch most of materials that I want to protect: Oxide, Au, Cr
> Would you evaluate whether I can bring it with me to SNF? It would be really helpful for me to work with this etchant.
> Please see the attached MSDS and the link
> Thanks.
> Daesung

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