Koartan 6166 and 6125 silver pastes

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 1 09:57:52 PST 2011

Nate and Mary,

I worry more about the thermal budget budget on the AFM's.  I believe 
the 5 minutes and maybe 10 minutes at these temperatures is OK for our tools.


At 11:40 PM 1/31/2011, Nathan Salowitz wrote:
>Hi Mary,
>     According to the datasheets, it's only 10 minutes at 
> temperature, but the datasheets are written for a belt furnace, 
> thus the longer cycle time.  I talked to some of the techs at 
> Koartan, they said it really just needs enough time to reach 
> equilibrium at temperature, not even the full 10 min.  My 
> understanding is that 10 min is on the long end of RTA work, but 
> doable...  I can forward you the datasheets if you would like.
>     If the furnace you mention can do relatively quick runs, that 
> would be acceptable.  Because of other parts in my process, I am 
> trying to minimize time at temperature because I'm running into 
> diffusion issues.
>I tried a run in my lab's high temp furnace (which takes about 5 
>hours to do a 900C cycle) and other parts of my sample didn't 
>survive.  I've also run them through short durations (3 minutes at 
>925) and they do survive that.
>     I'm happy to come in to talk to you about this tomorrow too, at any time.
>     Let me know,
>         thanks,
>             Nate
>On 1/31/2011 11:03 PM, Mary Tang wrote:
>>Hi Nate --
>>Just a quick look at the applications notes on the Koartan website 
>>suggests cure/firing times of 30-60 minutes at the target 
>>temperatures.  I don't believe the AW610's were designed to run for 
>>that length of time (Ed should correct me, but I think the maximum 
>>is about 5 minutes).  Your application and needs may be different, 
>>but I'm wondering if the AW610 is your best option.  We do  have a 
>>programmable muffle furnace outside the lab which might work for 
>>this, although the cycle times (due to thermal mass in heating and 
>>cooling) can be long.  Let me know if you're interested in the furnace.
>>On 1/31/2011 5:39 PM, Nathan Salowitz wrote:
>>>     I would like permission to bring in Koartan 6166 and 6125 
>>> silver pastes (MSDS attached).
>>>     Initial printing and drying to 125C will be performed at 
>>> another lab, therefore I would not be bringing in a liquid, but a 
>>> dried form already on wafers.
>>>     I would like to run them through their cure cycles in AW610_r 
>>> at 600C and 900C respectively.
>>>     Please let me know,
>>>         Nate

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