Koartan 6166 and 6125 silver pastes

Nathan Salowitz Salowitz at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 31 23:40:09 PST 2011

Hi Mary,
     According to the datasheets, it's only 10 minutes at temperature, 
but the datasheets are written for a belt furnace, thus the longer cycle 
time.  I talked to some of the techs at Koartan, they said it really 
just needs enough time to reach equilibrium at temperature, not even the 
full 10 min.  My understanding is that 10 min is on the long end of RTA 
work, but doable...  I can forward you the datasheets if you would like.

     If the furnace you mention can do relatively quick runs, that would 
be acceptable.  Because of other parts in my process, I am trying to 
minimize time at temperature because I'm running into diffusion issues.  
I tried a run in my lab's high temp furnace (which takes about 5 hours 
to do a 900C cycle) and other parts of my sample didn't survive.  I've 
also run them through short durations (3 minutes at 925) and they do 
survive that.

     I'm happy to come in to talk to you about this tomorrow too, at any 

     Let me know,

On 1/31/2011 11:03 PM, Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi Nate --
> Just a quick look at the applications notes on the Koartan website 
> suggests cure/firing times of 30-60 minutes at the target 
> temperatures.  I don't believe the AW610's were designed to run for 
> that length of time (Ed should correct me, but I think the maximum is 
> about 5 minutes).  Your application and needs may be different, but 
> I'm wondering if the AW610 is your best option.  We do  have a 
> programmable muffle furnace outside the lab which might work for this, 
> although the cycle times (due to thermal mass in heating and cooling) 
> can be long.  Let me know if you're interested in the furnace.
> Mary
> On 1/31/2011 5:39 PM, Nathan Salowitz wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     I would like permission to bring in Koartan 6166 and 6125 silver 
>> pastes (MSDS attached).
>>     Initial printing and drying to 125C will be performed at another 
>> lab, therefore I would not be bringing in a liquid, but a dried form 
>> already on wafers.
>>     I would like to run them through their cure cycles in AW610_r at 
>> 600C and 900C respectively.
>>     Please let me know,
>>         Nate

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