Alumina Slurries on the Buehler Polisher/Grinder

David Moore dgmoore at
Fri Mar 25 14:15:54 PDT 2011


I'd like to use the Buehler Grinder/Polisher that sits next to the wafersaw. 

I'd like to use the following consumables (purchased myself) on it:
Buehler Microcloth 
Buehler 1.0 Micron Alumina Slurry
Buehler 0.3 Micron Alumina Slurry
Buehler 0.05 Micron Alumina Slurry

Here is a link to Buehler's catalog if you're interested in looking:

I'd like to use this to polish a copper layer embedded in polyimide (HD Microsystems 2611).

David Moore

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