Etching ZnO in pquest during contamination period

Jonathan P Mailoa jpmailoa at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 20 14:25:08 PDT 2011


I am thinking of etching ZnO thin film (on quartz substrate) with
polystyrene microsphere as the etching mask. I am thinking of using
pquest for this process, since it is the only Cl-based gold
contaminated etcher available at SNF. (I have been informed that
F-based etchants won't work so well)

I have previously talked to Jim McVittae about this, and I have been
informed that the resulting compound, ZnCl2 is considered a
contaminant for GaAs users (Zn contamination), and as such ZnO is not
desired in the pquest. I have also ben made aware that pquest has a
special rule, where F-based gas is only allowed during the last week
of the month, since it is considered contaminant.

I am wondering if I will be allowed to etch my ZnO using Cl-based
etching gas during this contamination period, where users are allowed
to use F-based gas?


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