ALD HfO2/Ge wet etch at wbgen

Aryan Hazeghi hazeghi at
Fri Sep 9 18:00:26 PDT 2011



I would like to wet etch HfO2 (ALD in Fiji-L clean chamber) /Ge at wbgen.
I will be using 50:1 DI:HF (please see the attached paper as one example.)
The reason I am choosing wet etch is because this is a thin film (50-70A)
functioning as gate oxide. The purpose of my research is to study the
interface and bulk properties modification of this film when exposed to a
low temperature, high radical density plasma at low power (TEL SPA.) Hence
the film need be preserved as much as possible and not exposed to other
plasma that might interfere with analysis of the effects of the TEL SPA
plasma. My feature size is ~1e2 um and not critical. I have not found a
labmember using HfO2/Ge wet etch at this wetbench so I would like to
confirm with specmat. I would like to know what draining procedure I
should follow.

Thank you,





Aryan Hazeghi

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

304X Paul G. Allen

420 Via Palou Mall

Stanford, CA 94305



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