cleanliness of ald films

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Fri Sep 23 09:08:55 PDT 2011

hello specmat,
there is a growing interest in the ability to certify as "Clean" some of the
films leaving the savannah and fiji-l ald chambers.  it should also be noted
that in addition to the folks hopping on this hopeful bandwagon, no one is
getting off, indicating this is a serious and sustained interest.

the desires include but are not limited to:
- wanting to use ALD oxides as etch masks in clean etchers like stsetch2 and
- need of RTA for various ald oxides (including hafnia to improve HF etch
resistance) (a semi-clean rta was removed recently and the new pathway for
this is unclear to users)
- desire to include high temperature ALD films in extremely clean systems
like the epi reactor and the diffusion furnaces.

what are the desired experiments to verify the cleanliness level and produce
a suitable protocol for cleaning?
how was the spectrum ald determined to be clean?
ideally these ald reactors would work in a semi-clean in -> semi-clean out
and clean in -> clean out fashion.

there are a number of students and researchers willing to help perform and
pay for the experiments as determined.

thank you.
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