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Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 26 13:44:46 PDT 2011

Hi mark,

I have to apologize as well, I do not recall your email at all.
Please let us know what is your plan? Mary pretty much explained it all.
You need to sign up for a safety class/tour and then after one more  
class called " all litho", you will be qualified to get train on Laurell 
out side.
So let us know of your plan


On 9/26/2011 12:06 PM, Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi Mark --
> My sincere apologies.  I usually handle nanoparticle requests, but 
> must have completely missed your previous email, so you haven't heard 
> from us.
> We don't generally allow nanoparticle solutions into the cleanroom or 
> cleanroom processing tools though there are a few exceptions.  For 
> spin coating, we don't allow silica nanoparticle solutions in the 
> cleanroom tools because it is remarkably difficult to keep them clean 
> and avoid have them redeposit on other peoples' substrates.
> So, for what you describe here, we have a spin coater located outside 
> the lab, in the "wafersaw" room.  It is not really clean by 
> microcontamination standards, but it is ventilated and the air is 
> filtered.  Mahnaz Mansourpour trains on this system.  It's a nice, 
> manual, Laurell coater (better and newer than the general spinner 
> inside the lab.)
> By the way, are you trying to create a monolayer of silica particles?  
> If so, you should make sure to get surface-modified beads -- either 
> all with carboxylate (negative) or amine (positive) chemical groups.  
> The charge really helps a lot in distributing particles and prevents 
> their clumping.  Unless you already have a protocol of your own, I may 
> be able to dig up a couple from people who have done it here.
> Mary

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