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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Mon Apr 2 11:27:52 PDT 2012

Hi all --

I haven't been around so don't know the latest on this.  I take it that 
if he's checking in with me that he's still waiting for an answer?

I assume that this is for a tungsten source.  Just looking at this, this 
stuff does not look really "bad" -- but nor does it look "clean" because 
of the Fe.  I might be able to buy "semiclean."  If this is in response 
to his request to run on Teos2, I think there may be concerns from 
others with really "clean" processes on this tube.

In my humble opinion, I would suggest that this would be OK to run on 
TEOS2 -- provided they use their own dedicated quartz boats and wand 
tips.  Fe seems to be the only concern and it is not terribly volatile 
at TEOS2 temperatures, so the main concern would be cross-contamination 
from shared quartzware.


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Sorry I forgot to attach this in the earlier email.


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