Question about photolithography with sub-10-micron features

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Apr 5 09:42:43 PDT 2012

Hi John --

I don't know of a company that patterns on silicone elastomers and 
suspect you may have a hard time finding one.  The limit on contact 
masking is just under one micron under ideal conditions.  Elastomers are 
far from ideal.  It would also depend on the kind of mask being used 
(transparency versus chrome and the resolution.)

For elastomers, it would depend on the substrate, the thickness of PDMS 
and the dimensions of the features you need (both lateral and depth.)  
Are you patterning on PDMS or making molds for casting PDMS?  Are you 
making valves like the Microfluidics Foundry process provides?

If you'd like to come by and talk with either Mahnaz (who is the litho 
process lead) or me, we can go over your device needs and determine 
whether or how this could be done at SNF.  I don't know if you are 
trained on the tools required, but we can certainly come up with a 
process flow and training/experimental plan with you if this is what you 
have in mind.

If you've got a description or sketch of your device, please send it over.


On 4/4/2012 8:51 PM, John Ramunas wrote:
> Dear SNF,
> Do you (or a company you know of) provide a service which patterns 
> photoresist with feature sizes as small as 2 microns on silicone 
> wafers?  The Stanford Microfluidics Foundry says their limit is 10 
> microns.
> Thanks,
> John

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