SDI Group Used Fab Equipment Bulletin May 2005

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Dear Sir or Madam, 

Please find attached in an excel spreadsheet our WAFER FAB ASSEMBLY, SMT
AND TEST EQUIPMENT sales list for May 2005. 

SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group , a partner of Ulvac Inc. , brokers and supports Semiconductor
Fab/Assembly/SMT equipment from it's offices in Italy, Ireland and the
USA. We are committed to providing accurate and professional help to
clients looking to buy and sell used I.C.making equipment.  

Complete 5 inch line for sale by SDI Group
Equipment age 1988-1995, Eaton Implanters, Nikon Steppers, production capacity circa 15,000 wpm,asking price on request, currently running production, available March-May 2005.

Manufacturer: Hitachi 
Model: S4500 
Type: FE-SEM for inspection 
Condition: excellent 
Vintage: Jan 1994  
Comments: Gun:Cold cathode electric field emission type. Resolution
:1.5nm Multiple :X20-X500,000 Accelerative voltage:0.5KV-30KV Stage
moving :Automatic Key board operation:In English only Type 1 chamber (
no wafer stage, can load only wafer fragments) Attached :Oxygen density
detector, Hydrogen leak detector, Liquid nitrogen container Still in
operation in engineering analysis room. Complete (No missing parts).

Nikon i10C steppers for sale by SDI Group
-wafer and reticle size: 6 inch (easy upgrade to 8 inch wafers)
-Qty 3 available
-Serial numbers 1004060, 1004062, 1004032
-Deinstalled by Nikon and prepared for shipment.
-Defacilitized and placed in temperature controlled environment.
-Sea Level lens setting
-Set up for JEITA style wafer (small flat type) 
-Resolution 0.4-0.45 um
-Maximum exposure area 22mm horizontal by 25.2 mm vertical
-install and support can be quoted

Rudolph * Metapulse for sale
Manufacturer: RUDOLPH *
Model: MetaPulse 200X *
Type: Copper Film Measurement
Condition: excellent
Vintage: Mar 2002
Sales Condition: as is where is
Quantity: 1
Comments: SMIF FITTED. Unhooked and in the cleanroom. Consisting of :- 
Vanguard * automation platform including: 
+Two casette plates for 150mm or 200 mm casettes +High speed random access robot with hi throughput sw +XY stage +Single spin flat notch finder +Class 1 stainless steel cabinet for ballroom install +internal minienviroment with ULPA filters +PC Pentium type with 128M RAM, at least 2GB HDD, 1GB removable HDD +14 inch SVGA color display +Integrated data processing and display software Metapulse * 
Metrology system including:- 
+Pulse technology * opaque film measurement system with dichroic microspot optics and 10 inch high accuracy delay stage. + 800 nm / 400 nm 5 watt diode computer switchable laser + Microscope with colour corrected optics, autocolllimator, hi res. CCD camera providing 7.2 mm x 5.4 mm and 720 um x 540 um FOV 
Options purchased 
+A19720 Metapulse documentation kit +A18158 matapulse facility requirements kit +Dual 200 mm SMIF I/O with ionizers +Cognex pattern rec. with Zheng * software +SECS II GEM with RS-232 coms. +Signal tower RYGB +Color printer +Chiller 
*TM Rudolph Technologies Inc. 

Equipment WANTED for purchase by SDI Group

ASML PAS 5500-700 or 750
TEL Alpha 8SE  esp. with waves controller
12 inch equipment - any types
KLA-Tencor 2139

We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

Please keep us updated on which items you'd like to buy and also be sure
to let us know if you have any used equipment you'd like to sell.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Howe 
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl 
Napoli 80123 
Tel: Italy (39) 081 240 3469 
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756 
Fax Italy (39) 081 240 3950 
info at

Oliver Dunne 
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804 
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561 
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
Ollie.Dunne at

David Lee 
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc. 
Woodland Park, CO 80863 
719-229-6066 (phone) 
775-262-0409 (fax) 
support at

Mike Murehead
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc.
Georgetown, TX 78628
Tel: 512-635-8027
Fax: 801-217-6104
mike at

Christopher Detrick
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel: 805-215-9188
Fax: 775-373-9772
Chris.detrick at
A Member of SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)

Contact us now to buy and sell used equipment 
and enjoy the benefits of cost-saving. 

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