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Dear Sir/Madam,
We have been asked by our clients to feature the following tools for quick sale.

Please contact any of the SDI sales group listed below should you have interest in the featured tools.
 Manufacturer: Applied Materials ®
 Type: SemVision CX and offline review station
 Version: 150 and 200mm 
 Condition: excellent, still installed in production
 Vintage: Nov 2000
 Sale condition: as is where is
 Quantity: 1
 Wafer Handling: 2 SEMI Standard 8
 SEM Resolution 4nm at 1kv
 SEM Perspective Imaging
 SEM Mag 500x to 200,000x
 SEM Accelerating voltage 0.5kV to 2.5kV
 EDX Accelerating Voltage 1kV to 15kV
 SEM autofocus
 Optical Video Image: CCD
 Optical Magnification 25, 200, 1000x
 Engineering Mode Wafer tilt: 45 Deg
 System HDD 4GB
 Integrated EDX Spectrometer (SEMV OPT3)
 Standard Connection Points
 UPS USA 208 3PH
 Offline review Station
 4GB HD x2
 SW 4.1.100
 Asking Price: $465K USD
 Manufacturer: Applied Materials ®
 Type: Endura 5500 Electra Cu
 Version: 200mm 
 Condition: excellent
 Sale condition: As is or refurbed to specifications
 Quantity: 1
 Manufacturer: Applied Materials ®
 Type: Endura 5500 3 Chamber TiN, Al, Al, PCII
 Version: 200mm 
 Condition: excellent, still in original OEM crating - never
 Vintage: 2000
 Sale condition: as is where is
 Quantity: 1
 Asking price: $1.850M USD
 LOT of Equipment:
    Price $1.75 million;
     Equipment in LOT:
       CANON® FPA-5000ES2  (Excellent Condition,1999)
       Reburbed 6" Thermco 5200 furnace; Set up for   Anneal Process
       AMAT Centura® P5200 RPDWCVD 6" Tool Refurbed in 2002 by
 Applied Materials® (still in Fab)
       AMAT Centura® P5200 Poly Oxide Etcher  6" Tool (still in
       AMAT P5000 6" Process Teos Deposition (still in fab)
       ASML® 6" Vertical Furnace AVP8000 Vintage 2003 (still in
       Varian® 3180 4" Metal Dep  (In Excellent condition)  Well
 Maintained look excellent!
 End of Lot
 DRAM Testers available;
 Teradyne® DRAM Test System Model J993 S/N 9609710 Memory Tester DOM
 02-27-1996* 72 I/O channels and 16 sites per test station* Support
 for up to 320 address/clock channels* Tester-per-site architecture*
 60/120 MHz operation* PMU and independent levels per channel* Sparc
 20 with Color Monitor* 64 meg of main memory* 2.1 Gbyte disk drives*
 IG900+ software system* (2) - Test Stations* (320) - Address/clock
 channels per test station* (64) - I/O channels per test station - No
 data RAM* (2) - Octal VS boards per test station* (1) - 18 processor
 redundancy analyzer per station* (1) - Single pattern generator* (1)
 - 160m Catch RAM per test station* (1) - 4m display RAM* (1) - ALM
 kit* (2) - RS232 cables* (2) - EG4080 BPCC Probe Rings* (1) - IEEE
 Interface* Downward Air Flow* BPCC Pogo rings* EG Prober Interface*
 Data Ram 1 meg 
 Qty: 5 Available
 Asking Price: $10K USD Each, $35K for all
Plasmatherm 790 RIE and CVD System $125K

Wafer fab closing?  Assembly plant liquidating?  SDI is would like to purchase your assets for our inventory.

 Best regards,
 David Lee
 SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc.
 491 Skyline Drive
 Woodland Park, CO 80863
 719-229-6066 (phone)
 775-262-0409 (fax)
 support at <mailto:support at <
 Stephen Howe
 SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl 
 Via Rocco Galdieri, 6
 Napoli 80123
 Tel: Italy (39) 081 240 3469
 Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
 Fax Italy (39) 081 240 3950
 info at <mailto:info at
 Oliver Dunne
 SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
 20, Newtown Abbey
 Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
 Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804
 Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
 Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
 olliedunne at <mailto:olliedunne at
 Mike Murehead
 *SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc*.
 Georgetown, TX 78628
 Tel: 512-635-8027
 Fax: 801-217-6104
 mike at <mailto:mike at
 Christopher Detrick
 *SDI Semiconductor Instruments Inc.*
 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
 Tel: 805-215-9188
 Fax: 775-373-9772
 Chris.detrick at <mailto:Chris.detrick at <
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