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Please find attached excel spreadsheet our WAFER FAB, ASSEMBLY/TEST and SMT EQUIPMENT sales list for February 2006.

SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group, a partner of Ulvac Inc., brokers and supports Semiconductor Fab/Assembly/SMT equipment from its offices
in Italy, Ireland and the USA and worldwide warehouse locations.



SDI News
Featured Equipment for February 2006.
Wanted for Purchase February 2006.


SDI Group Exhibiting at Semicon China (W4.4326)in Shanghai and Semicon
Europe(A2.375) April 3-6


SDI will be exhibiting at Semicon China March 21 – 23 (Hall/Booth W4.4326) and Semicon Europa in Munich April 3-6 (Hall/Booth A2.375)

Please contact us now to arrange to meet our team of sales and marketing specialists to discuss how we can form a strategy to help your company purchase used assets and dispose of idle equipment surplus.

SDI customer database continues to grow!


With over 10,000 customers including end users, OEMs, brokers and refurbishers and 6000 hits per day on our website, SDI is becoming THE source for both buying and selling surplus semiconductor equipment.

SDI is a key source for buyers due to our extensive online database tracking the global supply of surplus semiconductor equipment. 
Contact SDI to source your tools at the compelling pricing found on the surplus market.

SDI is a cost effective resource for sellers as we provide free access to over 10,000 buyers of semiconductor equipment worldwide. 
Contact SDI to manage the sales of your surplus semiconductor equipment. Our client list includes wafer fabs, test and assembly plants, R&D facilities,
OEMs, Universities, brokers and refurbishers.

As a member of SEMI we adhere to the highest standards of transacting business. SDI appreciates doing business with companies and individuals
who share the same high standards and values.

Be sure to bookmark <> for
your future reference.

Featured Equipment for Sale February 2006


These need to sell quickly!
Applied Materials Centura SACVD 4 Chamber 200mm
Applied Materials Mirra 3400 200mm
LAM 4528i 200mm


Applied Materials Centura WSix 1CH / Poly 2CH
SVG Coater Developer Model 8800 Wafer size 6
SVG Coater Developer Model 8600 Wafer size 6
Fusion M200PCU
Hitachi CD Sem 8620
Novellus C1 W-CVD Qty 2
LAM 4420XL Alliance Qty 2
LAM 4520 Qty 2
LAM 4520i
Rudolf Metapulse 200X Copper inspection
Nikon EX 12
Nikon i10C Qty 2
AMAT 8330
Plasmatherm 790
Canon Stepper I3
Ultratech Model 1500
Tencor TF2
Tencor P11
Tencor HRP 100
FSM 128
FSM 8800
Applied Materials Orbot WF736 duo
Applied Materials CD sem Opal 7830I
Applied Materials CD Sem Opal 7830si
Applied Materials Semvision w/ offline inspection station

Applied Material Parts:
PVD chamber Water cooled
PVD Wide body Chamber
Wide Body Loadlocks
Pre Clean 2 chamber
MXP Plus chamber
MXP chamber
ASP chamber
EMxp chamber
ASP II 300mm chambers
DPS II Parts

Complete Wafer Fabs, 4, 5, 6 and 8 inch
Complete Assembly and Test Lines
6” pilot line for power products

Agilent 83000 at 660MHz
ALD tool – any for R&D application
Applied Materials Centura DPS II
Applied Materials Centura Epi
Applied Materials Endura - any
Applied Materials Mirra Mesa
Applied Materials P5000 MxP+
ASML Eagle 60
ASML Steppers
Atcor Box Washer
Axcelis / Eaton NV200GSD 200E2 180 kev 6 inch
Axcelis NV GSD HE
Canon Steppers
Disco DFG 840 / 841
DNS 629
FEI Micrion 9500
FSI Zeta
Fusion 200PCU POLO
Fusion M150 PCU
Inspex TPC 8520\Advantest T5581H
KAL Tencor 2139
Karl Suss FC150 flip chip
KLA 6420
KLA Tencor P2
KLA-Tencor SP1 Classic with TBI
LAM 4520i
LAM Exelan HPt
Matrix Ashers
Mattson – any for refurbishment
Mattson Steag AG 8108 Heatpulse
Mattson Steag AST 2800
Nikon steppers
Nitto HR / DR 8500 Taper / Detaper
Novellus C1 PECVD
Novellus C1 SiN
Novellus C2 Dual Sequel
Oxford RIE / DRIE
Plasmatherm RIE / ICP
Rudolph MP 200
SEZ RST201 or 203 or 223
Shibaura CDE 80N
Shinkawa UTC-470
Tel Alpha 8 alloy, gate oxide
Tel Alpha 8S
TEL P8 and P8XL
Tel SS4
TSK Accretech UF 200 AL
Unaxis LLS EVO Sputter 6"
Varian E500
Veeco Ion Beam Single Chamber System
Veeco RF 350
Watkins Johnson WJ1000H – hydride tool for SiH4 or BPSG
Watkins Johnson WJ999R hydride
Watkins Johnson WJ999TEOS

Best regards,


Please join SDI at Semicon China (W4.4326) and Semicon Europa (A2.375) this year.

David Lee
SDI Semiconductor Instruments LLC.
491 Skyline Drive
Woodland Park, CO 80863
719-229-6066 (phone)
775-262-0409 (fax)
support at <mailto:support at> <>
Skype: dplee089

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl 
Via Rocco Galdieri, 6
Napoli 80123
Tel: Italy (39) 081 240 3469
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
Fax Italy (39) 081 240 3950
info at <mailto:info at>
Skype: Stephencshowe

Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
20, Newtown Abbey
Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
olliedunne at <mailto:olliedunne at>
Skype: sdiireland

Mike Murehead
SDI Semiconductor Instruments LLC
Georgetown, TX 78628
Tel: 512-635-8027
Fax: 801-217-6104
mike at <mailto:mike at>
Skype: sditexas

Christopher Detrick
SDI Semiconductor Instruments LLC
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel: 805-215-9188
Fax: 775-373-9772
Chris.detrick at <mailto:Chris.detrick at> <>
Skype: sdicalifornia

A Member of SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)

Contact SDI now to buy and sell used equipment and enjoy the benefits of cost-saving.

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