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Dear Customers and Friends,

SDI Group is a world leader in used equipment sales and marketing.

Please notice our two lists below.  One is for equipment we need to buy for existing RFQs.  Please check it for surplus items you may have available.  

The other list is a few of the over 3,900 items we have for sale.  If you have surplus equipment, we will help you sell it. There is no fee for listing equipment at

SDI Group and our website can be your one stop to buy or sell semiconductor manufacturing and related equipment.

With offices and Representatives all over the globe we are very much in touch with the surplus equipment market.

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE:  Also see attached spreadsheet.

Partial 6 inch line ( About 45 items of equipment, details on request, includes Kokusai, TEL, LAM, AMAT, Novellus, Varian, Axcelis, Strasbaugh.).

AMAT P5000 2 Universal CVD Chamber TEOS
AMAT Centura Epi asking 1.7M USD
Atomika TXRF
Canon FPA 1550MIV g-Line Stepper
Canon FPA-3000 EX3  Litho/Stepper DUV
Credence SC 212
Electroglas EG 4085X
Hitachi S6280H
Hitachi S4500
Jeol 5800LV SEM with EDX
Jeol IC845
KLA Tencor AIT 1
KLA Tencor 2132
KLA Tencor 8100
KLA Tencor 259
Leica Ergolux
Micrion 9500
Plasmos SD 8000 Ellipsometer
Speedfam 676  (Brand New)-
Olympus Inspection Stations
K&S 8060 Wedge Bonder
Nikon NSR 2205 EX12 stepper
Verteq Superclean 1600-55A SRD

Any manufacturer 300 mm wafer handling robot
8? High current implanter; Varian V80 or AMAT Quantum ULE
Agilent HP83000-120T
Applied Materials Quantum Implanter
ASML ?	PAS 5500/100D
ASML ?	PAS 5500/400
Canon	FPA 3000 i5+ and i4
Canon   FPA 5500 iz+
Disco DFG 840 and DFG841
Disco DFD321
Disco 2H6T
EG 2001CX with CE Mark, qty 3
EG 4090u qty 8
HP83000 660MHz
Irvine optical Ultrastation 3B
Karl Suss SB6 wafer Bonder 6? wafers
KLA-Tencor SP1 TBI
Kulicke & Soffa	775
Leica INS3000
Leica INM200
Lam 9400 Series
Lam 4528i
Multitest	9308 or 9320
Okamoto	VG 502 MK11
SEZ-201 or 203
STS Multiplex ICP etcher
Steag Mattson	2800
TEL ACT 8 3c 4d 200 mm DUV 
Thermonics Temperature Forcer, Model T-2500E
Varian E500
Watkins Johnson WJ999R Hydride


Equipment Owned By SDI Group
Customer Equipment For Sale By SDI Group


Best Regards,


Mike Murehead
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group
Georgetown, Texas
Tel: 512-635-8027
Fax: 801-217-6104
mike at
Skype: sditexas

Stephen Howe
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group
Napoli, Italy
Tel: Italy (39) 081 240 3469
Mobile: Italy (39) 335 710 7756
Fax Italy (39) 081 240 3950
showe at
Skype: Stephencshowe

Oliver Dunne
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group
Meath, Ireland
Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804
Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561
Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893
ollie.dunne at
Skype: sdiireland

Chris Detrick
SDI Semiconductor Instruments Group
San Luis Obispo, California
805-215-9188 Direct
775-373-9772 Fax
chris.detrick at
Skype ID:  sdicalifornia

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