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 SDI NEWS September 2006
 SDI Semiconductor group and Keshet-Dasco Ltd Partners in Israel 
 Due to increased opportunities in Israel SDI have formed a strategic 
 partnership with Keshet-Dasco Ltd, The Directors of Keshet-Dasco, Eli Dassa 
 and Ronen Cohen have more than 20 years combined experience in the   Semiconductor Industry. 
 In addition to Fab equipment sales Keshet-Dasco Ltd have expertise in
 Clean room design and build, Fab equipment move-in, hook-up and
 For additional information and contact details see

 SDI have recently launched an e-bay store, we will be constantly
 adding new items for sale and auction.  
 Now Hiring Sales Personnel ? SDI group is interviewing for experienced   semiconductor equipment sales personnel. We provide leads and a database of ~4,000 items to market. One Vacancy in USA, preferably on the West Coast and one Vacancy in Europe preferably Italy, candidates must have experience buying and selling semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 
 If you are interested, please send your resume to 
 support at 
Now Hiring Engineer- SDI has a vacancy in Italy for an Engineer experienced  on KLA equipment. If you are interested, please send your resume to info at
 Now taking offers on following Semiconductor Equipment 
 AMAT P5000 PEVCD 6"  Qty 4
 AMAT P5000 CVD   4"  Qty 2 
 Ultratech 1100W Stepper 6" 1997
 Karl Suss MA-150 Type 164332 Mask Aligner 1999
 Ritetrack SVG 8800e track System 2005
 Ritetrack SVG 8836/28 HPO/NEG Develop Cabinet
 March AP-1000 Plasma System 2001
 March PX-500 Plasma system
 Nikon MM-22u measuring microscope
 KNS 982-6 Dicing saw
 JMAR Mirage automatic vision and laser measurement system
 Dektak 3 surface profiler
 OGP smartscope flash 200 advanced multi measuring machine
 AMAT 8310 oxide Etcher and accessories
 IPEC 472 Tungsten CMP Polisher
 Branson 1510 ultrasonic cleaner
 Buehler Isomet 1000 precision saw
 Buehler Phonix Grinder Polisher 
 Buehler microprecise Tripoint polisher kit
 Cambridge steroscan 240 SEM with Link EDX
 Nikon SMZ1000 Microscope
 Facilities Equipment
 18MOHM DI Water Plant 4m3/Hr
 Atlas Copco Air Compressors ZT55
 Atlas Copco ZT3B
 Atlas Copco ZT1
 Atlas Copco ZR110
 Gas Cabinets large quantities
 Gas Panels large quantities
 We buy surplus equipment. Please send us your lists of surplus
 and we can help re-market it free of charge.
 Equipment "WANTED" for purchase September 2006:-
 Applied Materials Centura 5200 Tungsten CVD
 ASM/SVG AVP8000 Furmace
 AMAT Mirra or Mirra Mesa CMP
 AMAT Endura (as is, recent vintage, any condition )
 AMAT Centura Epi "as is" (many systems)
 ASML 5500/100D I line stepper
 Applied Materials ?? Quantum
 Axcelis Fusion Gemini GES, Enhance strip 200mm, SMIF
 TEL ACT8 dual block coater 200mm
 Pri 7700 wafer stockers 200mm
 Square Plate bare reticle stocker 6"
 Nikon optistation 3a

 KLA  2132
 Tencor 6420
 Tencor RS75 with Loader
 Guardian 4 burn box (4)
 Nikon i7A or i7B Stepper
 ADE BIS-WIS CR80 wafer flatness checker 
 E-Beam: Leica SB350W or Micronic Sigma 7100
  Mask system: Steag/Hamatech ASP5000
  Mask Cleaning system: Steag/Hamatech ASC5500
  Mask Inspection system: Lasertech MD2100
  Mask Repair system: Quantronix DRS850 or 860
  Measurement system: Leica LWM270DUV
  Measurement system: Leica LMS-IPRO II 
 Canon FPA 3000 i4
 Genus 8700 or 8720 CVD tool (for spares use)
 Cameca 4F SIMS Analysis
 KLA-Tencor ?? SP1 TBI
 KLA-Tencor ?? UV1280
 KLA-Tencor ?? 2135 and 2139
 NIKON S204 DUV Scanner
 NextTest Maverick I PT 64 channels
 ASML PAS 5500 400 I line stepper
 Kulicke & Soffa 775
 Oxford Instruments 80 Plus RIE (any condition)
 Oxford Instruments 500 Plus sputtering system
 Sierra Therm 5500 APCVD
 Steag Mattson 2800 SHS
 Thermawave TP 420 "as is"
 Eaton / Axcelis GSD 200 HE or similar
 Rion Particle counters (Any recent model)
 TEGAL 901e
 Varian EHP 500 or similar qty 2 (1998 or newer)
 Nuflare EBM 3000B mask writing tool ( or similar)
 Hitachi S4500 SEM, with Mk 2 chamber
 Eaton/Axcelis medium current implanter NV6200A:6"
 Varian High current implnater 160XP:6"
 Novellus C1-150:6",Without TEOS, Complete
 W/J 999: 6" Without TEOS, Wide injector
 Dage 4000 wire pull tester
 Yours sincerely,
 Oliver Dunne 
 SDI Semiconductor Instruments Ireland Limited 
 20, Newtown Abbey 
 Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
 Tel: Ireland (353) 4694 38804 
 Mobile: Ireland (353) 872 985 561 
 Fax: Ireland (353) 4694 86893 
 ollie.dunne at
  Skype: sdiireland
 Stephen Howe 
 SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl 
 Via Rocco Galdieri, 6 
 Napoli 80123 
 Tel: Italy (39) 335 710 7756 
 Fax Italy (39) 066-051 3344
 showe at
 Skype: Stephencshowe
 Mike Murehead 
 SDI Fabsurplus LLC
 Georgetown, TX 78628 
 Tel: 512-635-8027 
 Fax: 801-217-6104 
 mike at 
  Skype: sditexas
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