permission requested to transport mems chip immersed in ethanol from snf cleanroom

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Wed Feb 22 13:57:08 PST 2012

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On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 1:50 PM, Kimberly L. Harrison <klharris at
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> Hello,
> My name is Kimberly Harrison.  I am working in Prof. Howe's group (EE) on
> mems devices.  I am designing a new process for my group which involves a
> new coating.  I will need to release these devices using a wet HF dip
> inside the snf cleanroom.  After this standard release (which we have
> performed at the snf many times before), I will need to keep the pieces
> immersed in ethanol as I transport them out of the cleanroom to our own lab
> space where I will coat them.  The pieces will not return to the snf
> cleanroom after this.
> We currently have a 125 mL polypropylene jar with a screw-on top for
> primary containment, and a standard bottle carrier for secondary
> containment.  After placing the pieces in the containers, a colleague will
> pass the container to me through the door at the service area.
> Please let me know if this is an appropriate plan.
> Thank You,
> Kimberly Harrison
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