Introduction of new metal to Innotec

Lucky Suriyasena Liyanage luckys at
Thu Mar 1 16:49:53 PST 2012

Dear specmat committee,

I am writing to request an introduction of a new metal, Scandium (Sc) to the Innotec system.

I am doing carbon nanotube (CNT) research and lately this metal is being used to make contacts for 
CNTs along with other low work function metals: Yitrium (Yi) and Erbium (Er).

Both Yi and Er are allowed in Innotec system for C3 crucible. Thus I believe Scandium should not pose any issue.
I have attached the MSDS from ACI alloys. I will be grateful if you could get back to me soon.

Thank you.

Luckshitha Liyanage

Coral ID: luckys
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